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Milk & Dairy Products Tech.

Milk and Products Technology Programme

General Description


"Milk and Dairy Products Technology" Program has started educational activities in 2010-2011 academic year.

Qualification Awarded

Students who graduate by taking theoretical and applied courses are given "associate degree diploma".

Length Of Programme

2 Year, 4 Semesters

Total Credits

120 ECTS

Level Of Qualification According To The National Qualification Framework And The European Qualifications Framework


Field(S) Of Study (ISCED-F)

0721 Food processing

Level Of Qualification

Associate degree

Specific Admission Requirements

It is necessary that the candidates must have degree of high schools and their equivalents and must take required mark from YGS exam.

Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal And Informal)

Exemption exam for "Foreign Langugage" and "Computer Course" are arranged at the begining of every academic year. Successful students exempt from these courses.

Qualification Requirements And Regulations

The students must get 2 out of 4 grade point average and must complete their professional training.

Profile Of The Programme

The aim of this program is to graduate quality technical personnel who have sufficient knowledge and practice about processing to fluid milk and milk products in dairy processing plants processing of milk obtained from large and small ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats) and quality control, storage, marketing operations of these products.

Educational Objectives Of The Programme

The purpose of the Milk and Products Technology Program is to have theoretical and practical knowledge about milk processing, chemical and microbiological quality control, storage and marketing of dairy products, food safety and food legislation, and with this knowledge, they will be able to work as a Milk Technician in production and quality control laboratories in the Dairy Industry to train manpower.

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates With Examples

Working fields of the graduates: 1.Public institutions and organizations 2.The agricultural cooperatives 3. Private firms 4.Own business

Access To Further Studies

The graduates may promote to mastership. Also, 1. The graduates may enroll in distance education. 2. The graduates may enroll in Food Engineering and Agricultural Faculty by taking vertical transfer exam.

Examination Regulations, Assessment And Grading

Odemis Vocational School applies Ege University examination regulation.

Graduation Requirements

The students must get 2 out of 4 grade point average and must complete their professional training.

Mode Of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning)


Address, Programme Director Or Equivalent

Lecturer Serap FENDERYA Coordinator of Milk and Dairy Products Technology Program, Ege Univ. Odemis Vocational School , 35750, Odemis- IZMIR Phone:0 232 05453272-7814 Fax: 0 232 5444356 e-mail:serap.fenderya@ege.edu.tr


There are 2 lecturer and 1 laboratory in this program.

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